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Sammaty Web
Sammaty .deb
Operating System
Any. GNU/Linux recommended.
IT@School Ubuntu only.
Internet Connection
Optional. Recommended for online backup.
Not required.
Support Level
Limited free support, Premium support
No official support
Last Update
Aug 2017
Generate App Now! (New Method)
Download (Old Method)

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Web App

New method! Easy to use!

Install-able Package

GNU/Linux only (may not work in latest versions like Ubuntu 16.04. Try the Web version instead).
Traditional method
Simply give your institution’s name, election name, and the list of candidates — you can download a made-for-you election app in the next click! It can be run in a web browser; without intsallation, configuration and Internet connection! Installation file that helps you to install Sammaty on a personal computer. It is a stand-alone program which needs configuration. Now the package is available for GNU/Linux only.

More About Sammaty


The word sammaty (സമ്മതി) means acceptance in Malayalam.


It all starts in 2012. Back then, as part of the IT@School project, all schools in Kerala were using free software (software that respects your freedom). Every computer ran GNU/Linux (namely Ubuntu) instead of Microsoft Windows. But many schools were still using Windows just to conduct school elections. They were forced to do so. Actually, they were in an unsuccessful search for an election software that could run on GNU/Linux. The situation came to the attention of Nandakumar and he immediately started developing such a software.

By June 2012, the first version of Sammaty was released via Mathsblog, a popular portal among school teachers and students. The software received a warm welcome from the community and started its journey. About a thousand institutions made use of Sammaty that year.

In 2014, a web-technology-based version of Sammaty was developed which also became popular.

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