Thanks to these people for supporting Theeram

By Nandakumar Edamana

NOTE:There are many who support Theeram. I have included some notable names only. Please let me know if you believe I should've included some names that are currently missing here.

Those who made it practical

  • Abdul Hakeem, IT@School — who told me to create an offline English–Malayalam dictionary for GNU/Linux, and Sathyaseelan K. who pointed out the requirement first.
  • Kailash Nadh — who started and offered full support for Theeram.
  • Those who support Olam
  • Free software projects including GCC, GTK+, GNOME, eSpeak, libnotify, GNU, Linux, Debian and Wine.

Those who tested it and gave useful feedback

  • Many from IT@School Project, including Hassainar Mankada, Sabarish K., and Jacob Satyan
  • Mani K. P. (Kasargod)
  • Prajeesh (Kasargod)
  • Nalin, Navaneeth, and others

Those who gave moral support

  • Anvar Sadath — former Executive Director, IT@School
  • E. Suresh
  • Swathanthra Malayalam Computing
  • Staff and students of CAS Vattamkulam (IHRD), MSMHSS Kallingalparamba, ZMHS Poolamangalam.

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