OPPAM Python IDE for Blind

Python can’t scare you anymore!

OPPAM is the acronym for ‘Orca-compatible Python Programming Accessibility Module.’ It is a simple IDE for Python developed exclusively for the blind. Orca had no good support for Python IDEs and that’s why Nandakumar has created a new one with a user-friendly interface.


Please read How to Use? before using OPPAM.

OPPAM for 32 bit
OPPAM for 64 bit

Software Requirements

  • GNU/Linux (Ubuntu 12.04 recommended)
  • Python
  • Orca Screen Reader

How to Use?

Download and install the appropriate package for your computer. Open OPPAM by typing oppam in the dash, as you open other programs. The large text area (white) is where you enter the source code. Press Ctrl+Tab to select the Run button and press spacebar to activate it. Now you can hear the output of the program.

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