Nandakumar Edamana
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Web Applications


A simple drum sequencer that works in a Web browser. Although it works reasonably well in a modern browser, work has to be done to load the sound samples in a more efficient manner.

Inscript Input Tool

This tool helps you type Malayalam and some other Indian scripts using Inscript keyboard layout.

Parayumpole Transliteration Tool

An easy Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi and Sanskrit typing tool. No installation required. 'Manglish-style' Malayalam typing supported.

Turing Machine Emulator

Lets you simulate Turing Machine code in a web browser.

ISM/ASCII-encoded Malayalam to Unicode Converter

Convert Malayalam text composed for ASCII-based ISM fonts like ML-TTRevathi, ML-TTKarthika and MM Saroja to Unicode. The converted text can use fonts like Meera, Rachana, Noto Sans Malayalam, etc.

CRUD Code Generator for Go and OpenAPI

Generate Go code and OpenAPI spec for CRUD operations.