Nandakumar Edamana
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Books from Nandakumar Edamana

Nandakumar Edamana has written three introductory computer books in Malayalam. The first one presents the basics of GNU/Linux to personal computer users, in a way that is useful to those who are new to computers as well as to those who have already used other operating systems like Windows.

The second one introduces a common user to the dangers of malware, scams and attacks hidden in the digital world, with tips on how to be safe, making it a must-read. It targets non-technical readers exclusively.

The third book with 250+ pages dedicated to explaining and illustrating various theoretical and practical aspects of the Internet from the basics of browsing to eCommerce, eLearning, eGovernance, Security and Privacy is considered helpful to both non-technical and technical readers.

Nandakumar is a frequent contributor to periodicals also. You can read more in the following links: