Nandakumar Edamana
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Drawing and digital painting application with pressure-sensitive brushes. Works on GNU/Linux and Windows.


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Release history

Latest unstable release: 0.1.240718 2024-07-18

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What Vara Isn't

Vara is not an image editor, unlike GIMP or Photoshop. It probably isn't a kindergarten drawing program either, unlike TuxPaint. It belongs to the group of drawing applications like Krita and MyPaint, but with a limited number of features.

Feature Matrix

OS Support DONE: GNU/Linux, Windows
TODO: macOS support, better packaging for GNU/Linux and Windows
Export DONE: PNG (enabled), PPM (disabled)
Save and Open TODO
Tools DONE: Pencil, Brush, Eraser, Eyedropper (Colour Picker), Bucket Fill (basic)
TODO: Advanced Bucket Fill, Selections/Masking
WONT: Unnatural ones like Shapes, Stamp, etc.
Dynamics DONE: Pressure-for-size, Stroke smoothing
TODO: Pressure-for-opacity, Size and opacity based on velocity, etc.
Layers DONE: Foreground and Background
TODO: Allow more layers without sacrificing the simplicity
Layer Visibility DONE: 100%, 50% and 0% for FG, On/Off for BG
Viewport DONE: Zoom with buttons, Zoom by scrolling, Navigation with scrollbars, Quick buttons for 100% zoom and centering
TODO: Hand tool for navigation, Zoom-to-fit, Buffer area, Canvas rotation
UI DONE: Brush presets, Quick palette, Keyboard shortcuts
TODO: Icons, Internationalization
Convenience DONE: Undo/Redo, Clear Layer
TODO: Custom layer background (currently it's white)

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