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General instructions:
  • Always try to choose the latest stable and supported version.
  • deb files are for Debian-based GNU/Linux distros including Ubuntu. They can be converted to formats like rpm for other distros using alien.
  • Windows versions will usually come as a ZIP file, which you have to uncompress in order to run install.exe or setup.exe inside it.
  • If the version you need is not available for your platform (OS and architecture), you can try downloading the source code and compiling it by yourself.

Choose a version to download:

1.2.6 (unstable, supported)

Released on 2018-07-12

Platform: GNU/Linux only (deb package available). Source code available for compiling on other platforms.

Bugfix release for v1.2.5, fixing the issue of 'List Candidates' not working.

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sammaty (1.2.6) %DISTRO%; urgency=medium * Bugfix: '"List Candidates" not working' (see * sammaty.desktop: field "Categories": "Utility;Office;" to "Utility" to prevent warning Changelog of v1.2.5: * Bugfix: 'Untitled Election' (see * Sammaty electdir is now ~/sammaty-election, not ~/sammaty_election Changelog of v1.2.4: * Debian packaging fixes * debian/control: Added Build-Depends * README: Added tarball extraction reminder Added build-depends Changelog of v1.2: * More systematic packaging * Migrated from PyGTK to PyGObject * Removal of old user manual (no substitute, though) * Election Setup now presents GUI dialogs instead of console * Password hashing * Automatic nameplate generation * Easy candidate removal and election deletion * Nameplate editing with GIMP * Password required to start the poll * Changed audio alert system * Voter can change his selection; vote cast on the second click only * Polling window asks for password if Alt+F4 (Quit) is pressed * Ignores Enter key press if a ballot is already active * GUI dialog for password on pressing Tab on the polling window * Poll start time and end time displayed on the result page * Candidates' list and the results page conforms to HTML5 -- Nandakumar Edamana Thu, 12 Jul 2018 18:09:18 +0530


deb file: Any architecture

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