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Web Desktop (Seminar Report) >> 2016

Practical Applications of Web Desktops

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Chapter 4 from Web Desktop Seminar Report

Web Desktops or similar technologies are already in use, although in a limited way. Some of the present and possible use of Web Desktops are listed below.

  • As a Cloud Computing Front-end: Web Desktops can be used as a front-end for services that incorporate all aspects of cloud computing including cloud storage and online web apps.
  • As a Native Interface: They can be used as the default interface of a web-app-based OS. This is what Firefox OS does.
  • For Software Collections: Many web portals exist which show a collection of applications based on a single theme. For example, PhET is a free collection of online science simulations/experiments. Such services can employ Web Desktops to make their portals attractive and more useful.
  • For Centralized Office Automation: Large organizations can ser-up a cloud office automation system with a Web Desktop as its front-end. This will make the development of client-server software required for the automation easy. Also, it will be easy to maintain and upgrade.

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