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What is LaTeX and Why Should You Use It

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Which software do you use to create documents? LibreOffice Writer? Or some non-free (proprietary) package like Microsoft Word? Try LaTeX next time, especially if you are involved in a technical or scientific work.

This video is an introductory one from the LaTeX video series. You can watch the full playlist here.

LaTeX is a document preparation system, a markup languauge and a typesetting language. We all know that markup languagus are special types of languages used for the formatting of documents including web pages and help files. And when it comes to printing, we have typesetting languages. Also note that even though it spelled LaTeX its pronounced Lah-tek or Lay-tek.

LaTeX is superior to regular word processor applications in certain situations. This is because it provides greater control and total automation at the same time. It has become the de-facto standard for scientific publishing.

Key points discussed in the video:

  • What is LaTeX
  • Why LaTeX
  • Comparison with word processors
  • WYSIWYG vs coding
  • Examples

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