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Compound Interest Calculator Using JavaScript

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Given below is the code to create a simple web app that calculates compound interest. You can paste it into a text editor (e.g.: gEdit or Notepad), save it with a filename that has the extension .html (e.g.: simpleint.html), open it in a web browser, and run it.

	<title>Web App for Compound Interest Calculation</title>

            function calculate()
                p = document.getElementById("p").value;
                n = document.getElementById("n").value; // no. of compoundings per year
                t = document.getElementById("t").value; // no. of years
                r = document.getElementById("r").value;
                result = document.getElementById("result");

                // The equation is A = p * [[1 + (r/n)] ^ nt]
                A = (p* Math.pow((1 + (r/(n*100))), (n*t)));

                // toFixed is used for rounding the amount with two decimal places.
                result.innerHTML = "The total amount is " + A.toFixed(2);

                result.innerHTML += "<br> The interest is " + (A.toFixed(2) - p).toFixed(2);
            div {
                display: table-row;

            label, input {
                display: table-cell;

        <h1>Compound Interest Calculation</h1>

        <div> <label>Amount: </label> <input id="p"> </div>
        <div> <label>Rate (%): </label> <input id="r"> </div>
        <div> <label>No. of Years: </label> <input id="t"> </div>
        <div> <label>Compunding Times Per Year: </label> <input id="n" value="1"> </div>

        <button onclick="calculate()">Calculate</button>

        <p id="result"></p>

Compound Interest Calculation

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