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IT Quiz >> 2018

IT Quiz: Free Software - 1

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1. Who Founded the Free Software Foundation? In which year?

A: Richard M. Stallman, in 1985

2. Who started the Linux Kernel project?

A: Linus Torvalds

3. Mascot of Linux Kernel?

A: A penguin named Tux

to the YouTube channel and watch the full video below.

4. What is the expansion of GNU?

A: GNU is Not Unix

5. What is GPL?

A: GNU General Public License, a free software license

6. Which free software license are the articles on Wikipedia published under?

A: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License (GNU Free Documentation License is also used)

7. Who developed the Python programming language?

A: Guido van Rossum

8. Which of the following is not a GNU/Linux distribution: Ubuntu, Fedora, FreeBSD, Linspire?

A: FreeBSD

9. Mascot of GIMP Image Editor?

A: Wilber

10. Free Software edition of the Chrome browser?

A: Chromium

11. What is meant by GLAMP?

A: GNU, Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP

12. The GNU/Linux (or UNIX) command to create a folder?

A: mkdir

13. Founders of Wikipedia?

A: Jimmy Wales, Larry Sanger

14. How do you create a hidden file/folder in GNU/Linux?

A: By adding a dot (.) at the very beginning of the filename.

15. What is meant by the pwd command?

A: Print Working Directory

16. Which is the 3D software used to create the Open Movies including Big Buck Bunny, Eliphants Dream and Sintel?

A: Blender

17: Which Free Software package had the vulnerability called Heartbleed?

A: OpenSSL

18. The founder of the Debian project committed suicide in 2015. What was his name?

A: Ian Murdock

19. Expansion of FLAC?

A: Free Lossless Audio Codec

20. Which Wikimedia project features texts including classics?


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